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Free shipping HD 1080P IR Spy USB disk Mini DVR support photo
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HD 1080P IR Spy USB disk Mini DVR support photo Video and motion detecting


Product features

Supports AVI video format

Under low illumination,hd video recrding can be performed

Can support 1920*1080 30 frames per second

Support ordinary USB2.0 interface

High-speed T-the biggest can support 32 gb flash CARDS

Sustainable camera built-in lithium battery for up to 60 minutes

Second, the product introduction 

This product is with U disk,with a high definition camera with digital camera,pictures,mobile detection,night vision video,and other functions, the product is simple,compact,beautiful and practical,easy to carry,the characteristics of business,education,security,media justice,tourism,live in areas such as utility, favored by the users.



1.2 Description,socket USB socket,used to connect to the computer or charger.

1.3 Camera,high-definition cameras,used to pick up the image signal.

Instructions before use.

( it is strongly recommended that,please log off before connecting the computer before you plugged into the computer. )This article inside for precision electronic components,operating light touch can do not vigorously in order to avoid damage when the key, if can’t read dish please put the USB head a little bit to pull out.

1.switch machine. Long press K1 key 3 seconds boot,blue lights flashing normally on after 1 second to enter standby, standby when blue light normally on,long press K1 blue lights flashing 5 times after shutdown, no TF card up 10 seconds automatically shut.At the same time press K2,K3,machine reset.

2 ( a ) video/motion detecting operation, short press K2 once blue lights flashing video 2 times into the state,after 5 minutes automatically save a video file. In the condition of video short press K2 once saved video files back to the standby mode,long press K2 key 3 seconds after five blue lights flashing into motion detecting blue lights went out at the same time,1 minute to save the video file, when there is no sense to shop after the video object blue light to keep the state of the lights went out at the same time,when the induction again to have objects blue lights flashing once back out and video,in this cycle. The motion detecting state short press K2 keys 1 time to save the file back to standby mode.Power is not enough when saving files automatically power off

( b ) infrared video operation, in the video,or motion detecting state short press K3 key once opened the infrared night vision lamps, and into the infrared video or motion detecting state (5 minutes automatically save a video file ) such as press a K3 will shut down again infrared lamp common video or motion detecting state.

3.photo/recording operation.when the machine into standby mode,short press K3, blue lights flashing one picture a and return to standby mode. Long press the K3 key 3 seconds blue lights flashing three times on the recording mode,short press K3 key once again will close the recording mode back to standby mode,the normal 5 minutes to save the record an audio file.

4.mobile hard disk/webcam,when the machine ( whether boot and shutdown state ) after connect with computer via USB line,short press the switch K1 key computer configuration or system.identify the removable disk will be sightly different, please be patient,had better not to the camera during the period of the operation, so as not to affect computer hardware recognition.If long time not to recognize mobile disk,please according to standardize the process of unloading to avoid the equipment damage, when are you going to connect the device to the computer, please first will be included in the data line connected to a video ,camera.,then on the other end is connected to the computer data line.

5.set up the video time.camera provides in the function of the video file shown in the video time,setup time method is as follows.Drive letter. Open the removable disk, automatically generated inside TIME, modify TIME Double-click the TIME tool automatically generates a TIEM exe file ( note antivirus software will automatically when you open this file processing,please close the anti-virus software reuse ) a computer that will automatically change the corresponding TIME,such as the need to input TIME,notepad to open the TIME with a computer.The exe file change the TIME it takes to save the file to the removable disk root directory .to cut off the USB cable to connect again on the video ,video and photos at the bottom right comer of TIME and date of the new changes.

6.Filling while recording function. When the machine is in charge.automatically enter the boot state ,open press K2 key 3 seconds blue lights flash 3 times into the video 

7.video loop, when the machine in the process of continuous video,TF card to record the program will be after the expiration of the previously recorded files covering record new again.

8.charging: ( 1 )the machine can be connected to the computer via a USB line charging .

          ( 2 )can use the power adapter for charging machine,AC110-240v AC power adapter specification is input, the output is DC 5 v direct current,current 500ma-1000 ma,suggest using power adapter for charging machine.In the process of charging normally on a red light, after a full charge the red light.


Related parameters

Project               Reiated parameters 

Video format          AVI

Video coding          M-JPEG

The video resolution    1920*1080

Photo resolution       4032*3024

Player software        The operating system or bring the mainstream video player software

Image fomat          JPG

Support system        Windows me/2000/xp/2003/vista:Mac os 10.4;Linux.

Charging voltage       DC-5V

The interface type      4PUSB

Storage support        TF

The battery type        Built-in 300 ma high capacity polymer battery



U disk camera 1pc
User manual 1pc
Retail Box 1pc

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