GSM Audio Surveillance

Free Ship Qundband Audio GSM Bug Wireless Wiretapping With SOS
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Gsm bug, Qundband , SOS function,A-gps function,Change the alarm mode

  • this product was designed for your valuable goods security and positioning , the company assume no liability or responsibility for any behaviors violate other individual’s privacy.
  • all AGPS has some position error,the reference positions indicated by this product are for you reference only,may also have errors.
  • There may be delays caused by telecom carrier at certain circumstance. Our company is exemption from liability to security of person and property.
  • In the GSM network signal strong position, this machine is power consumption is low. The strength of the network signal to call and standby time cause bigger effect.
  • Do not try opening the device.
  • All right reserved.information in this document is subject to change without notice.  

  • Ø SOS  function: long press this machine SOS key 5 seconds. This machine will sent a SMS to the five emergency contacts: SOS! Ask for help!  And call all emergency contacts telephone 2 times,you can use headphone chat with emergency contacts. And then sent the current location information to emergency contact 1.

AGPS Function:

  • Ø Send LBS,you will receive two  SMS,one including longitude, latitude and address information.Other is the maps site URL.


Alarm Function:

  • Ø Voice sensor alarm: Send GDM1 start voice sensor alarm control,you will receive a SMS as:network signal: strong(good,fair,poor)Remaining power **% Set up Defenses!  when sound around ,the product will inform you.
  • Ø Send TIM**  set voice sensor scan interval.For example: TIM02 mean every 2 minutes scanning one will receive a SMS as :The interval time of voice call has been set for 2 minutes.
  • Ø Send GDM2 stop voice sensor alarm will receive a SMS as :network signal:strong(good,fair, poor)Remaining power **% . Removal Defenses! 
  • Ø Vibration sensor alarm:Send GDM3  start vibration sensor alarm control,you will receive a SMS as:network signal: strong(good,fair, poor).Remaining power **% Set up Defenses!  when valuables was moved or vibrated,the product will inform you.
  • Ø Send GDM4  stop vibration sensor alarm will receive a SMS as :network signal:strong(good,fair, poor)Remaining power **% . Removal Defenses! 

Change the Alarm Mode:

  • Ø send MOD1 the alarm mode will change as :Alarm mode has been changed to: send SMS first, and then call.
  • Ø send MOD2 the alarm mode will change as :Alarm mode has been changed to: only call.
  • Ø send MOD3 the alarm mode will change as :Alarm mode has been changed to: Send SMS only.


Switch Language

  • Ø Send LAG1 change the language to Chinese.
  • Ø Send LAG2 change the language to English.


Other Function:

The current state inquires:send DSP can inquire the current state of the network , battery life, and security alarm condition.You will receive a SMS as:network

  • Ø signal:strong(good,fair, poor)Remaining power **% Set up Defenses!( Removal Defenses!  )  
  • Ø Low battery remind function: when the battery less than 10% ,you will receive a SMS as:The remaining power is low, and please immediately recharge!


  • Ø This machine is only inserted the SIM can be boot.
  • Ø when charge please insure the product is turn on.
  • Ø please put the product in network signal better position when use.
  • Ø The new machines need to be recharged for 3-4 hours before use in order to achieve the best results, please use our distribute charger avoid damage to the host.
  • Ø Standby time: 300-400 hours. Working time:7-10 hours.(depending on the local network signal )



  • Ø Host 1
  • Ø Charger 1
  • Ø USB Charging Cable 1
  • Ø Headphone 1
  • Ø User manual 1



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12 Months


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