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Free Ship Mini GSM Listening Bug with Sound & Vibration Activate
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Monitoring Remote 10 Meters GSM Bug X006

Product support a the GSM850/900/1800/1900 network and GPRS standard four frequency, and can switch seamlessly between different networks. Compact; signal; voice; stable performance; the long standby; globally it is these featuresThe biggest advantage.

Power on: Open the back cover, the SIM card inserted into the card holder automatically boot until the indicator goes off, you can use

Monitoring to detect: normal boot, when necessary monitoring tools can dial the dial is turned to hear the status of the location around 10 meters

Voice Callback:
Phone open: with fixed-line or mobile phone SIM card number to get through the alarm hear ambient sound 2-3 seconds, hang up that set successfully, the default alarm status.(35 decibels of sound when the alarm within 4 meters, the alarm will automatically dial the number set)

SMS open: edit SMS "KQSK" sent to the alarm (35 decibels of sound when the alarm within 4 meters, the alarm will automatically dial the number set)
Manual adjustment of sensitivity: the user edit the text "KQSK #20 # sent to the alarm." KQSK number after the 30 sound detection sensitivity value of 20 (high sensitivity) -500 (low sensitivity)
Vibration Callback: Edit message "KQZD" is sent to the alarm. (When the alarm is triggered by an external shock, it will automatically dial the number set.)
Note: Telephone Callback, SMS Callback and vibration reversal of three functions can not be operated simultaneously, switching between them required hair "CLOSE" command to turn off one of the ongoing re-perform other operations, shut down the operation of the three functionsare editing text messaging and "CLOSE" is sent to the alarm

Electricity the query instructions: hair "power" command, such as the user edit SMS "power" to the alarm, the alarm will detect electricity accordance with different power will return the following SMS:
"Tracker battery full" (said the aircraft battery is full)
"Tracker battery half" (aircraft power medium)
"Tracker battery low" (low power consumption of the aircraft should be promptly charged)

* Before the use of the new machine is fully charged, in order to achieve the best results, use the original machine is equipped with a charging cable
* Charger Standard: ± 5.0V 300-500MA, to avoid damage to the host
* The lamp is not lit, the battery is dead, charge before use
* Could not get through to re-boot card or charge after the test
* Does not auto-answer, and re-boot card
* Require an external controller, want their own custom-made
* Do not attempt to disassemble, damage caused by man is not in the scope of the "three guarantees"


Package Included

Mini GSM Bugx1
USB Cable x1
Power Charger x1
User Manual  x1
Retail box x1

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12 Months

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